Meet the team.

Our mission?

As a team we strive to deliver the best quality possible. Putting our all in every project big or small. Enabling businesses to go digital, to innovate faster and to push brands forward.

Our customers?

We help companies (start-up's, SME's and corporates) face their biggest technology challenges.

Our location?

Invented and located in the heart of Europe. Antwerp has been the foundation for our adventure.

Timothy Verhaeghe
A start-up founder by nature & automation expert, eager to change the tech world. Being a problem solver at heart makes him a great CTO. Our technical vision and strategy are under his watch.


Founder & CTO

Yannig Bourgois
Our number and analytics magician. Yannig provides our clients with an excellent service and manages the overall operations. His calmness and strong business insight makes him a perfect CEO.


Founder & CEO

Laura Verbeke
Laura our "fixer" who gets s* done. Besides managing the overall marketing you can throw anything at her. She’s also the sympathetic and thoughtful contact person for some of our fantastic clients!


Marketing Director

Steffi Maggen
The "stickler for perfection" Steffi, is the one filling in the missing pieces with her rock-solid feeling for graphic design and sharp eye for detail.


Content Creator

Aaron Lejeune
Aaron feels like a fish in water when it comes to strong UX/UI and sparkling websites. No front-end codebase has secrets for this "design junkie". With an affinity for minimalitic design he slays every mission.


Creative Director

Kjenta, our "efficient octopus", who juggles with tasks like it's nothing. Whether it's customer success, project management or marketing, she does it all without losing sight of structure. She is a first-class extension of our team.


Product Specialist

This is our little office munchkin, Parfait. She has stolen the heart of every person walking through our doors.


Woof Waf