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Request a free meeting.

We will brainstorm with you about your tech idea.

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Our AI does the job.

Our human assisted AI transforms your master plan into an MVP proposal. Get advice about whether and how to build your start-up.

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Receive a tech roadmap.

Our experts translate with our AI your needs into a technical roadmap. Give some feedback. Version two is on its way!

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Let's partner up!

Are you over the moon about our proposal? We're happy to become your "partner in crime".

Your idea.

Our mission.

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Expertise on demand

Our CTOs-as-a-service are 24/7 available to help you make the right decisions. We're not your typical agency.

Our experts treat every idea as if it was their own, limiting features and avoiding over-engineering your platform. Our motto: only build what truly matters.

Our focus? You!

Because of our automation, we have more time to build your business together. As we become your partner, it's important for us to help you avoid typical mistakes as an entrepreneur.

With 10 years of experience, we leverage the latest technologies to your advantage.

Democratizing software creation

Imagine that you don't need a developer to create all your crazy ideas. Don't let yourself be guided by fear or indecision.

We're making software development available for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Automatically report your issues

Our AI handles all your bug reports, feature requests and content updates. Making sure we have more time to concentrate on scalability, quality and speed.

Future Proof Products

If your business grows, your platform grows with you! Unlike other solutions, we provide you with a scalable IT-product that adapts itself to your business situation.

Automating "low-level software creation"

Thanks to our internal tool we're able to adjust content really quickly. How? We reuse code components, dragging and dropping visual elements.

Custom IT-products.

Tailor-made prices.

We don't like to put a price on your goals and needs. We believe it's important to first break down your thoughts together and truly understand your questions.

Pitch your idea here and request a first version of your technical roadmap. Together we make the best estimation.

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