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5 Management Tools You Need to Tackle Everyday Life @Your Business

Jul 27th - 6min.

5 Management Tools You Need to Tackle Everyday Life @Your Business

Building a business can be a roller coaster. You can easily lose track of time, drawn in tasks and loose knowledge within your company. Prevent stress, be balanced and productive with these must-have apps to guide you through the rough business world.

Prevent stress, be balanced and productive with these apps

When building a business, you can easily lose track of time and drawn in tasks or/and loose knowledge within your company. To prevent such horror we give you five must-have tools to guide you through this roller coaster. You’re capable of more than you could ever imagine, keep your sanity thanks to these tools:

  1. Toggl: productivity within reach - keep track of your time
  2. Slack: structure communication within your business
  3. Trello: digital post-its - the number one task manager
  4. Grammarly: write better English - eliminate spelling and grammatical mistakes  
  5. Notion: all your knowledge and documents in one place

Are you in a hurry? Read our blog in snack format at the bottom of the blog👇🏼

Toggl: productivity within reach - keep track of your time

Why you should use Togll

You've experienced it a hundred times: you start your day with a huge list of to-dos. After a few blinks, it's all of a sudden 6 pm and only half of your to-dos are done! Where did the time go? Well, to understand where all your time and energy is going to, a time tracking tool like Toggl is a life-saver.

Toggl is a free application where you can follow your spent time. It will tell you precisely on which tasks you’ve spent most of your resources. You simply start and stop the timer when you’re not working or if you’re starting one of your to-dos. It takes some time to build the habit of timing your work, but you'll see once you're used to it you'll love it!

Benefits of Togll

The great thing is you'll automatically cluster similar tasks. Otherwise, you’ll have to start and stop the timer continuously. In this way, you won't be checking your email every 10 minutes. Great right? Keeping an eye on your timing will make you more conscious about how much energy you spend on different chores. And even more important where you can save time (and money) and what’s holding you back! Try to optimize your way of working with the insights of Toggl.

You can generate reports without a hitch. Productivity is within reach.

If you work for different projects or clients you can create different projects and give them tags, like: administration, meeting, marketing, development ... Furthermore, you can indicate if a task is billable to a client. This is great to calculate the exact amount of profit you gain from a project. Knowing your numbers, even from the beginning, is very important to scale your business. Download the desktop application.

Slack: structure communication within your business

Why you should use Slack

Slack is your go-to communication app for your team. This app will replace internal e-mails, text messages and all other tools people use in your business communicate with each other.

Slack can be used on desktop and mobile. Creating different channels, sending private messages, integrating more than 1500 apps, sharing documents simply and using GIFs, this tool has it all. It will help your team collaborate and keep a sense of community no matter where your team members are at that moment. Besides, you won’t be bothered in real life for every minor question somebody has, you can simply choose when to reply.

The downside of Slack

At the same time, slack is the enemy of its own solution.

Back in the days when people used to send (internal) emails, you didn’t send an e-mail for every little question. While with a tool like Slack, people don’t feel limited to send messages. Co-workers may become stressed about the fact that they are constantly available. In addition to that if you’re mad you won’t hesitate to send a message while you wouldn’t send an angry email.

Trello: digital post-its - the number one task manager

Why you should use Trello

If you're not using Trello or any task management tool (shame on you) you should start right now. An organized mind is an organized business. Be honest how many coffees have you spilled on your post-its? And a to-do list on your fridge is no good either, let’s get digital! Time is money and structuring your task will save you much time (and so money). Structure your Trello-boards in different departments of your company Marketing, development, management…

How you should use Trello

After every meeting make sure there's one person who is responsible for turning the meeting into to-dos and tasks in Trello. That person can tag the people responsible for completing that specific task. Next to that, you can add a description and checklist, you can comment to keep an eye on the activity of a task, attach a label, give it a due date and even add an annex.

We always use the following structure: TO DO - WORKING ON - FINISHED - BLOCKED. This will result in a structured to-do board, an organized overview of what you or your employees are doing, still need to do and which problems they face.

Grammarly: write better English - eliminate spelling and grammatical mistakes

Writing can be fatiguing. Because of that, you write mistakes, I write mistakes, everybody does. And that’s alright, as long as you try to avoid them. Grammarly can help you with that! This free tool eliminates grammatical errors, improves your text, checks your spelling, corrects it and is able to verify plagiarism. You’ll love the Chrome extension of this writing assistant. The plug-in will correct your language in Google Drive, emails, other tools...

SO, use a spell checker ;)

Notion: all your knowledge and documents in one place

Why you should use Notion

Building a sustainable business starts on day one! Thinking you don't a common workspace (yet) is tricky. Start with a scalable system, right away. If you work neatly and organized from the beginning it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Take it from us. After building multiple start-ups, we’ve learned from our mistakes.

Let me tell you this. If you structure your information and documents it's 100x easier to introduce a new team member (or intern) in your company, write a business plan, raise money, give tasks from one person to another, keep an overview and be able to inform everyone ... Notion is a great tool to structure all your information: notes, documents, knowledge, tasks, databases and all this for different projects.

Why we use it @ProductBuilder

We write down everything; our mission, tools that we use, meeting outcomes, even what we need to do when we hire a new person. When a new person starts, you can ask them to simply read Notion, instead of explaining everything and losing precious time. The information that is written down in Notion should give a newbie enough knowledge about the company and vision so (s)he can immediately start.

Tip: Although it’s great to work together as a team. Not everyone should be able to add whatever they want whenever they want in Notion. If so your knowledge base risks becoming one big mess. So, watch out!

In snack format

  1. Toggl: start and stop the timer whenever you’re not working or starting a new task. Find out which tasks ask the most time. Cluster similar tasks, become more productive. Indicate billable time and try to optimize your way of working thanks to valuable reports.
  2. Slack: organize your (internal) business communication. Don’t be bothered in real life. Choose when you reply to questions. The downside? You're constantly available. Slack can cause an information overload.
  3. Trello: get rid of the old school post-its you’ll lose anyway. Use a digital task manager with your team. Make one person responsible to turn meeting into Trello cards.
  4. Grammarly: write better English. Eliminate grammatical mistakes, check your spelling constantly and improve your writing skills.
  5. Notion: structure your information and documents in one place. Stop wasting time searching for the right docxsuments. Onboarding new team members will become a lot easier.