From marketing maniacs to dirty developers. We’ve got them all.

"We want you to stop wasting money on poorly written codes, setting you up for failure in the future."

Timothy Verheaghe

Founder & CTO

timothy verheaghe

Our mission

"To bring change in the world by turning bold ideas into companies."

The Clubhouse

Located in heart of Antwerp. Operating on a global scale.

timothy verheaghe

Our team

From two best friends, to an eight-strong family

It is 2018, after scaling a tech team from 0 to 15 FTE’s, Timothy Verhaeghe decides to sell his shares and start all over from scratch with his right hand and friend Yannig Bourgeois. Their ambition? Reinvent the way software projects are tackled. Driven by a passion for technology, combined with an extensive knowledge of the startup landscape, they set out to challenge the status quo.

Fast forward 2 years, we have proudly shipped over 25 kick-ass projects, with many more in the pipeline, impacting the lives of over 1 million visitors.

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