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WebFaster lets you create, improve and control your website and software by plain simple English. Just tell us what you want and we'll build that in a matter of minutes.

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"With WebFaster you can create software in a matter of minutes. It feels like talking to a human being who turns your idea into a codebase. This enables us to test new ideas insanely fast and to find a product market fit as soon as possible."
6 advantages of using AI
We can think of hundreds of advantages why you should choose for WebFaster. But here is our top 6.
Time to market
The olympic champion of the time to market? Our insane machine learning framework. There isn't a faster way to go from idea to product.
Unlimited changes
No resource planning, no limited amount of hours, no unreachable developers. By having hundreds of computers doing the edits, we don't have limits.
Human centered
As the heavy lifting is done by artificial intelligence, our experts have some spare time to help, train and coach you. With us, the focus is on you.
Always available
Our bots are always available for you. Have a bold idea in the middle of the night? No worries we got you covered. You don't sleep, neither do we!
Completely documented
Developers want to write code, not documentation. But don't worry our machines love to write and read documentation.
Automated testing
We will test your core funtionalities on an hourly basis and you will be the first to know if something isn't adding up.
"To bring change in the world by turning bold ideas into companies."
The only limitation is your imagination...
We believe that innovation should be accessible to everyone.
Need some inspiration on what you want to build?
Create a mobile app to find the best restaurant for me and my friends.
Astrid from
Create a website to bring the student life online.
Robin from
Create a website for selling luxury secondary homes at the costa Brava.
Patrick from
Create a website for a fast growing insurance company
Luc from
Create software to manage our lead generation and market insights.
Michiel from
Create a tool to test the team climate and innovation culture
Michaël from
Create saas to help coach startup founders.
Morane from
Create a dashboard to help our customer success team onboard new clients faster.
Raphaël from
Create a website for a startup that offers translation services by students from the worlds best universities.
François from